Who we are:

White Wolf Security is a provider of high-end, tailored, hands-on Information Security training. We are unique because our courses move beyond the technology. Our diverse team of instructors are pulled from a variety of backgrounds. As a result, we are able to address the Technical, Legal, Policy and National Security issues that surround information and it uses.

What we do:

  • High end, hands-on training for all aspects of computer network attack, defense, response and investigation
  • Cyber exercises including the Digital Ranger School
  • Kinetic and cyber convergence in combat and conflict

How we do it:

White Wolf Security works with your organization to understand your specific application needs and developmental levels, then tailor our existing course content to match your training and technology needs. We also offer a variety of pre-packaged courses that are readily available.

White Wolf Security operates a full time learning facility in Lancaster, PA known simply as "The Center". The Center is more than a classroom. In it we provide a variety of equipment, network infrastructure and technology in a working, live environment. In this fashion, students learn through lecture, hands-on and other dynamic means, including live investigations and war-gaming. This provides true application based learning.

Where we do it:

Master level courses are open to students from multiple organizations run six times a year. Custom classes are available, but need to be scheduled in advance. White Wolf Security also has a mobile training solution that brings a subset of The Center's resources to your organization.

Our clients:

Since 1999, White Wolf Security has provided training to attorneys, members of the U.S. Armed Forces, local, state and Federal Law Enforcement, and companies which are part of the U.S. Critical Infrastructure.