How did you choose the company name of White Wolf Security?

Wolves are the ultimate example of collective security. The arctic wolf (or white wolf) inhabits one of the harshest climates on Earth. In the arctic, the wolf in a pack stands a better chance of surviving.

Information security is like working in a wolf pack. By working together, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities, the group is better able to adapt and survive. Each member of the team works towards the survival, and improvement, of the group.

We use the wolf pack analogy in a lot of our teachings, and it made for a great company name.

Why Lancaster, PA?

Lancaster’s unique geographic location makes it an ideal training location. We are between 90 minutes and 3 hours drive from almost anywhere between NYC and Washington, D.C. We are centrally located and easy to get to.

Lancaster has a thriving tourism infrastructure that helps ensure we have adequate hotel and restaurant space for our clients, who come here to train. There is also plenty to see and do on the weekend; either by yourself, or for the entire family.

What's up with this holism stuff anyway?

We, in the West, have forgotten that most things in life are interconnected. We, here at White Wolf Security, have not.

Balance is the key to success in anything. Those of you in the information warfare business all acknowledge the cascading effect of well-designed attacks. In other words, an attack in one domain negatively impacts operations in other domains. The opposite also holds true, excellence in one domain positively impacts operations in other domains.

We train our clients and our employees to be physically fit and technically proficient. The physical rigors of warriorship are not restricted to those in uniform.

What is an information security company doing with fitness and philosophy?

We are more than creatures of technology. We are complex humans that use technology. As such, we encourage and foster those attitudes that help make us better people, not just better users of technology.

After all, technology will change. Balance the individual, build the team and lead by example.