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2010 Mid-Atlantic CCDC Documentary Preview


    (05.28.10) Solera Video of Mid Atlantic CCDC Posted here

    (05.26.10) Solera Defend and Donate program to help train the next generation of defenders: here

    Future Events

    (06.17-18.10) Syscan CTF

    (06.29.10) Hack in the Box Amsterdam

    Past Events

    (05.18-21.10) AUS-CERT CTF and Speaking

    (04.19-22.10) Hack in the Box Dubai

    (03.11-13.10) - Mid-Atlantic CCDC Regionals March 11-13

    Cyber Exercises

    These are live fire computer network attack and defense events that put human defenders against human attackers with live systems in between. They feature:

    • Full Packet Capture (by Solera Networks)
    • VoIP and GSM networks
    • SCADA power controllers
    • Distributed traffic generators
    • Attacker and Defender scoring
    • Individual and team skills tracking (offensive and defensive)
    • Full reports (sample)
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    Hackers for Charity

    We are planning a large build trip in 2010 to support Hackers for Charity in Uganda! Get Involved and Make a Difference!