Who are the Players?

Our players are people interested in computer and network security. Over the years we've had players from high school through grad school and beyond. Civilians and military and government. We've even had players who've needed a translator.

How much skill do I need?

While there isn't a lot of time for hands-on instruction, there is plenty to do regardless of experience. Attack, defend or watch and learn; there is something here for everyone.

Blue Cell (Defenders)

You are responsible for defending critical assets. Defenders are scored on their ability to:

  • Keep critical service and services up.
  • Respond to Injects (tasks).
  • Keep the Red Cell out.

Red Cell (Attackers)

You are responsible for attacking the Blue Cell assets. Attackers are scored on their ability to:

  • Acquire flags from the defenders
  • Gain execute privilege
  • Corrupt flags
  • Respond to Injects (tasks)